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Swan Visofil V111/60 pen/pencil set. Fully restored.

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The Swan Visofil V (Pronounced 'Vee', not 'five') was only made from 1935 until 1937, when it was replaced with the Visofil 'VT'.  It is a rare pen, this is a clipless 'Ladies' set which is extremely hard to find as only very limited numbers were sold.

The pen and pencil are in excellent working condition with a lustrous finish, sharp, clear imprints, and excellent filigree, 'Art Deco' cap bands. 

The original model, this pen, featured a 'concertina' type filling system involving an open ended ink tube connecting the see through plunger to the section.  This pen set comprises the 'Ladies' version of the pen along with a matching Mabie todd 'Fyne Point' pencil.

The set was sold in a leather Mabie todd pouch, This one is well worn but as it is clearly original it should be kept with the set.

The pen has been fully restored and tested.  It was fully disassembled, leaving the nib and feed in situe in the section.  After eighty odd years it is best not to disturb it unless there is reason to do so, the channels were cleaned by repeated flushing under pressure.  The pictures show the details of the disassembled pen.

The pen has a 14Ct. Gold Swan No.1 nib which writes with a very smooth medium line.    The larger Visofil 'V' pen has a No.2 nib and the pen is designated V211/60, the '2' being the nib size and the '60' representing the colour, in this case Black.  This smaller pen is the V111/60.

The pencil is in good working order.  It operates by twisting the end cap to expeland retract the lead.  It is a perfect match for the fountain pen.

The Swan Visifil V, due its short production run and the fact that it didn't sell very well, particularly the 'Ladies Set' is hard to find, a fully restored set in such excellent condition comes along very rarely indeed.