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The Conway Stewart No. 286 in marbled Green/Black

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The Conway Stewart 286, also known as 'The Conway Stewart', was made from 1930 to 1945.  This pen has a peaked cap stud, a version that was introduced in 1936 and was made iinto the war years as one of the few pens allowed under the restrictions imposed by the government.  It was one of the more expensive pens, retailing at over twice the price of the contemporary 'Universal' no. 479.

The pen has been fully restored and tested.  The attractive marbled finish has an excellent surface and the Barrel imprints: 'The Conway Stewart No. 286' are still legible.  The gold filling on the clip has been polished away but it has a bright, attractive surface.

The 14Ct. gold conway Stewart nib is straight and well aligned.  It writes with a consistent medium line and has a good, responsive flex, giving line variation and adding character to the writing.  A person with a decent 'hand' would enjoy producing impressive results with this pen.

The box is brand new.  It is of high quality and will serve well for transport, protection, and display.

At 16.2 cm. when capped for use the 286 is a large and substantial pen with a solid, high quality feel.  This pen is the archetypal English lever filler from the 'golden age' of fountain pens, it is very collectable and would also would make an excellent vintage daily writer.