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The 'Nova' pen. Restored and tested.

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The Nova pen is something of a mystery in that very little is known about the company, it probably only existed for a very short time.

There is something very 1930s about the pen but the partially hooded nib suggests strongly that it was made shortly after the Parker 51, the late 1940s would seem about right.

The pen has been fully restored and tested and is in excellent working condition.  The marbled burgundy surface is first class and the barrel imprint is crisp and clear.  The gold plating on the clip is thinning although that on the lever has held up well.

Although the Nova has been referred to as a 'lower tier' pen, apart from the steel nib there is nothing lower tier about it.  The barrel and cap are made from drillled rod stock rather than moulded and have a good solid feel.  The ends of the barrel and cap are plugged, clearly indicating that this is the case.  The cap stud is also machined from the same material, a feature of a higher quality pen.  Why the company didn't complete the job with a gold nib is also a mystery.

The lever filling system works well, a new ink sac has been fitted.  The photograph shows the pen before the sac is trimmed and the pen reassembled.  The steel nib is stamped with the company name and has a fine point.  It writes well, quite smooth and firm with good ink flow.

At 12.7 cm. capped it is a compact and 'chunky' pen but it grows to an impressive 15.5 cm. when posted for use. The cap is a smooth screw fit, securing firmly with one and three quarter turns.

The Nova is not a common penand is seldom found in such pristine condition.  In terms of build quality it is on a par with anything that was produced at the time, better than most.