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The Waverley Cameron Pen

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The Waverley Cameron Pen was introduced, by MacNiven and Cameron, in 1940 as part of a new range of lever fillers.

This example, finished in Royal Blue, could well be unused although it has been fitted with a new ink sac and filled for testing purposes.  The barrel has an engine turned pattern with a blank cartouche and a very crisp and clear imprint.  The original price sticker is still in place.

At 14.9 cm. capped and an impressive 15.8 cm. with the cap posted for use, it is a very large and distinguished looking pen. 

The Waverley 'spear' nib was first produced in 1864 as a steel dip pen nib and persisted as such until 1964, long after fountain pen production had ceased.  Although this nib is 14Ct. Gold the basic design has changed very little from the dip pen version.  The characteristic upturned tip, an idea copied by Sheaffer, is much less pronounced on the Gold nib than the steel version.

The lever filling system is another MacNiven and Cameron patent from 1935.  The pressure bar, rather than 'floating' as in conventional levers, is anchored to a supporting bar with a sprung steel strip.  This makes the filling more precise and returns the lever firmly to its resting position.

The pen fills well and the spear nib writes with a medium line with a very good, responsive flex giving excellent line variation.  Anyone with a decent 'hand' would enjoy using the pen and producing impressive results.

The Waverley pens much sought after and this example fulfills the criteria for collectability: age, quality, condition, and quality, exceptionally well.