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Unique Junior in Red. 1940s.

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The Unique Junior was introduced as the wartime restrictions on pen production were relaxed in England.  The Unique company had been making pens since 1924 but succombed to competitive pressure, the ballpoint, and lack of finances in 1958. 

Finished in red with a black section and  cap stud, the pen has been restored and tested and is in excellent working condition.

The pen is bright and attractive with a deep shine and a very sharp and clear barrel imprint.  The cap is a smooth and secure screw fit, tightening with two and three quarter turns, it posts securely on the end of the barrel.

The original Unique nib is stainless steel with a gold plated two tone design and a fine point.  It writes with a smooth, firm, fine line, well suited to someone with a small 'hand'.

At 12.7 cm. capped and a most impressive 15.5 cm. when posted for use this is a good sized, well balanced pen.  The shape and proportions are typical  of an English 1930s/40s lever filler.  It would serve well as a vintage every day writer.