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Victorian Oversize Pencil by A.H. Woodward.

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A. H. Woodward, registered as manufacturer of pens and pencils from 1894 to 1896, made high quality products at the I.X.L. factory in Birmingham, the heart of the English pen industry.

This two drawer, three section pencil is clearly stamped 'A. H. Woodward' and 'I.X.L.' on the nozzle, placing it firmly in the Victorian era.  Three section pencils of this size are not at all easy to find.

The pencil is in excellent condition throughout, it shows no dings or personalisation, and operates smoothly.  The finely engraved pattern, consisting of alternating rows of squares and chevrons, catches the light well.

From the closed position, the ferrule is turned to extend the nozzle and the first and second draw extended.  The nozzle turns to extend and retract the lead. 

Excluding the ring, the pencil is 5.8 cm. closed and an impressive 14.2 cm. when fully extended.  It is a very long and elegant pencil, extremely tactile and comfortable in use.

The ring top pencil is known as a 'chatelaine pencil'.  The chatelaine, originally meaning 'mistress of a castle',  was a decoratve clasp worn on the belt which had several chains attached to carry useful items such as keys, thimbles, scissors and a pencil.  In Victorian times it became a device to show off the status of a woman in a wealthy household.

This example of an antique chatelaine pencil is extremely well engineered and is in museum condition, although such an attractive and functional item should, perhaps, be used and shown off.