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Vintage Majestic Fountain Pen

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The Majestic fountain pen was made, in the U.S.A., during the 1930s and into the 1940s.  This is an excellent example, finished in a most attractive opalescent Blue with an irregular striped pattern.

The Majestic came to me many years ago as part of a collection of American pre-war pens.  It has a discreet personalisation, which gets lost in the pattern, but the finish is in great condition and the trim, once gold plated, is very bright.

The original nib was not great but I thought the pen was worth saving so I found a large Waterman nib which fitted perfectly and restored the pen to good working order and have used the pen periodically as part of a rotation.

The filling system works well and the nib is a first class writer, it gives a very smooth and consistent fine line.  At 160mm. when posted for use it is a very long and elegant pen with a good, solid 'feel'.

The Majestic would make a useful and distinctive every day vintage writer.