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Vintage Parker 75 in Laque Thuya

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The Parker 75 'Laque Collection', made in Meru, France,  was introduced to the top end of the market in 1983.

This pen is one of the original Laque collectiion designs, it was made in 1985.  The 'Laque thuya' finish is one of the most successful and is much sought after.  This example is uninked, it has never been used.  It is in near perfect condition, a magnified inspection will show two tiny spots on the clip where the clip tag has remained in contact with the clip for thirty odd years without being disturbed.

The pen has a small decal in the cap stud, consistent with the provenance outlined below.  This could be removed or a replacement cap stud fitted.

The Parker 75 fountain pen is a remarkable pen.  In 1964 it was offered at $25, a staggering price tag for a pen produced for the 'mass market'.  On paper it looked doomed, it was nothing like the Parker 51 or Parker Duofold, the most successful Parker pens so far, it was a cartridge/converter and the ballpoint pen was ravaging the fountain pen industry, and the 75 was outrageously expensive.  It was a huge success!

The pen is part of a special collection created in the 1980s as a presentation to businessmen promoting Parker pens as prestigious business gifts. They have been left untouched since then so are now available for sale for the first time. Please contact me if you would like information about the whole collection. 

The 75 will be sent by Royal Mail, first class, signed for delivery.