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Vintage Parker 75 Silver fountain pen.

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Parker 75 Sterling Silver Fountain Pen.
c. 1967.
Parker introduced the '75' in 1965 and continued, until it was replaced, by the 'Sonnet', in 1994.  In 1970 the flat end screws were replaced with dished ones to allow for custom logos to be added.  This pen is an early model with the flat end screws.

The pen cap and barrel are constructed in solid Sterling Silver, 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper.  The U.K. adverts for the early 75 stated that the clip is 9Ct.Gold, and several sources reiterate this although no such claim was made, for the same pen, by the U.S.A. advertisements. So, 9Ct. Gold or Gold plated?, the jury's out for the time being.

The pen is in truly outstanding condition, and appears to have seen little use,it has a little pitting on the steel collar on the section but the Silver of the barrel and cap is superb, totally ding free and untarnished.  These early 75s were treated to make the squares stand out more to most pleasing effect, if you find the need to fill in some 'pen time' you could count them, I believe ther are 3,300 of them!

The 14 Ct. Gold nib has a broad point, as indicated by the 'B' stamped on the feed.  It is an excellent writer, laying down a smooth, broad line.  The revolutionary mechanism for adjusting the nib angle on the 75 can be used to 'fine tune' the result.  The nib has a good ball of tipping material, again indicating little use.

The box is a good quality affair in good condition, there is also a cardboard outer box.

At over fifty years old this is a remarkable top quality, vintage pen. The 75 is the first choice of many collectors as a daily user, it is totally reliable, stylish and very practical with a great deal of prestige.