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Vintage Parker Premier in 'Chinese Laque'. Mint and uninked. c.1988.

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Parker Premier

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The Parker Premier was introduced in 1983 as an upgraded, and more expensive, replacement for the Parker 75.  A larger pen than its predecessor, it features an 18Ct. Gold nib and multi faceted Gold filled bands.  This model has a multi layered deep lacquered finish.  As the name suggests the Premier was the top of the range Parker fountain pen.

The provenance of this pen dates it to 1988, or very close.  It has the much sought after 'Chinese Laque' finish, the original clip tag is also labelled 'Laque de Chine' as the pen was manufactured in France.

The finish is very unusual and extremely attractive.  It has a dark, copper coloured background with flecks of deep orange/red, reminiscent of a Chinese 'gold dust lacquer'.  The layers of lacquer give the pen a very deep, lustrous shine.  The 23Ct. Gold fill is very striking although there is a tiny 'fleabite' in one side of the clip, as shown, caused by the contact of the tag chord over decades in storage. 

The large 18Ct. Gold nib has a medium point and is housed in a nib section with a mechanism allowing the nib to be rotated to the perfect writing angle, a feature borrowed from its predecessor, the Parker 75.

A relatively short production run, the high original price, and superb quality make the Parker Premier very collectable.  A mint, uninked example, such as this pen, becomes available very infrequently.

The pen is part of a special collection created in the 1980s as a presentation to businessmen promoting Parker pens as prestigious business gifts. They have been left untouched since then so are now available for sale for the first time. Please contact me if you would like information about the whole collection.

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