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Warewman L'Etalon in Burgundy

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The Waterman L'Etalon was made in France in the 1990s and was at the top of the Waterman range.

This is a fine example in deep Burgundy laquer  with Gold filled trim and an 18 Ct. Gold medium nib. It is in immaculate condition, the pen came to me as unused and I have found no evidence to the contrary.

It is supplied in a leather pouch along with a waterman wallet containing an unused ink converter, six short cartridges and two long versions, and a Waterman branded soft drawstring bag.

At 15cm, (6 inches) in length when posted it is a substantial pen with an unmistakable high quality feel.  A Waterman L'Etalon in mint condition is not an easy pen to find, this example is in collectable condition but perhaps such a handsome and prestigious pen should be used and shown off.