Waterman 503 Shorthand with flex nib.

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The Waterman 503 was one of the new range of pens introduced after the end of WW2.  In addition to pens for general use the 503 series also included two 'special purpose' pens: the 'Bookkeeper' and the 'Shorthand', this pen.

The Shorthand pen was designed to be used for writing 'Pitmans Shorthand', a rapid writing technique that depended on the use of symbols with broad and narrow strokes, hence the flex nib.  Unlike the very early ultra flexible nibs, the Shorthand pen needed to be robust and  have a quick response in changing between two line thicknesses, fine and broad.  This pen was designed precisely for this purpose and, unsurprisingly, does it very well. 

In addition to 'private' customers, Waterman catered for the large commercial users, companies that employed hundreds of office workers needing to use fountain pens on a daily basis.  To facilitate selection of the right pen for the job they devised a colour code, a white cap stud for a firm, fine, 'Bookkeeper' pen and a red cap  stud for the 'Shorthand' version.

The pen has been restored and tested.  The old ink sac, which had hardened with age, came out in almost one piece and was found to be the original Waterman's sac.  This shows that this was the first restoration and that the pen had been unused for decades.  the old sac will be included with the pen as it is part of it's history.

The pen is in excellent condition, it has a first class surface and strong barrel imprint.  The clip, which appears to be nickel plated, has a tiny 'fleabite' on one edge but is straight and has a good finish and clear imprint.  The red cap stud, probably hard rubber, is also in excellent condition, which is unusual as they are prone to cracking.

The 14 Ct Gold nib writes with a fine line with the lightest of touches and flexes to give a broad line with a little pressure, returning instantly to fine when the pressure is released.  A person with a decent 'hand' would enjoy producing a range of calligraphy effects.

The gift box is brand new, it will serve well for transportation, protection, and display.