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Waterman 515D Button Filler

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The Waterman 515D is a very unusual Waterman indeed as it is a button filler.  The pen is a rare version of the very large, English made, 515 model. 

The pen is very attractively finished in dark green with a black blind cap and section with Gold filled trim.  It has light posting marks but has an excellent surface and a clear barrel imprint.  The Gold filled clip, cap band, and cap stud have held up very well.

The pen has been conservatively restored and fully tested.  The original 14 Ct. Gold no.5 nib is of generous size, as is appropriate for the substantial proportions of the pen, it writes with a smooth, firm, fine line.  The design of the feed is unusual in that it is a straight feed with two longitudinal channels on the underside.  

The button filling system takes up a good volume of ink with just one press on the button, perhaps two just to make sure.

The Waterman 515D is an interesting, and rare, variant of the largest Waterman pen made at the time, around 1947.  It is a high quality pen with a great deal of presence.