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Waterman Carene in Sea Green Shimmer

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The Waterman Carene, introduced in 1997, represented a radical change from the familiar, some would say boring, almost cylindrical form that had been around for many years across most of the range.  This beautiful 'Sea Green Shimmer', also known as 'Sea Garden' was one of the first finishes but was discontinued quite soon after release. 

The elegant design of the Carene was inspired by the shape of a racing yacht, the word 'carene' is French for 'hull', and there is a distinct maritime theme across the whole carene range.  The lacquered surface of this pen is certainly reminiscent of the sea, it appears to change with the angle of reflected light as the pen is turned in the hand.

Constructed in metal with a multi layered lacquered finish and 23Ct. Gold filled trim this is a substantial and elegant pen.  The 18 Ct. Gold integrated nib continues the sweeping curve motif which gives the pen such a distinctive shape.

This is a superb example, it shows no sign of use and is presented in the original box.  A cartridge/converter filler, it is fitted with the original ink converter, cartridges are readily available online.

The Waterman Carene is a premier fountain pen that exudes class and quality.  Waterman's advertising literature advises us to

    'Select a Carene fountain pen to truly stand out during memorable moments' 

I think they mean that it's a really good looking pen.