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Waterman Exclusive. Boxed, as new.

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The Waterman Exclusive was introduced in France, in the 1980s to the high end of the Waterman range.  This is a boxed, totally mint and probably unused example complete with barrel sticker, unused cartridge, and leaflet.

The pen is constructed in brass with a deep, multi layered black lacquered finish, 23 Ct. Gold filled trim, and an 18Ct. Gold Waterman Ideal nib.

At 14.4 cm. capped and an impressive 16 cm. when posted, the Exclusive is an unusually long, slim, and very elegant pen.  The Gold filled cap at the barrel end clicks firmly into the cap as it is posted on the barrel giving a solid and secure gripand preventing the cap scratching the barrel.

The Gold filled cap stud is lightly engraved wiit 'St M', this could easily be removed if required.

The nib is 18Ct. Gold, it is clearly stamped:

                                   'Waterman, Ideal, Paris, 18K-750'. 

The Gold filled clutch ring is also stamped 'Waterman Made in France', and the barrel sticker repeats the country of origin.

The Waterman Exclusive can be easily distinguished fro the other, ower ranked 'tubular' Watermans, such as the 'Laureate' by the 18Ct Gold nib and the deeply incised 'crosshatch' gripping section.

The Exclusive was only made for a relatively short time and is one of the less common of the 1980s Waterman pens, mint condition examples come along quite rarely.  Practical and attractive, It is a high quality pen with a good deal of prestige.