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Waterman Expert Mk.1

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The Waterman Expert Mk.1 was produced, in France, around the late 1980s. This is a mint, boxed example with no signs of use.

The mk. 1 Expert differed from the later versions in that it was lighter in weight, had a slightly different trim, and a more sculpted, flat sided, two tone nib with a distinctive elongated breather hole.  The original pen, this one, had a relatively short production run and is quite rare and much sought after. 

The pen is finished in mid green with a deep, lustrous shine and Gold filled trim.  It is a cartridge/converter filler and is supplied with the original, unused ink converter.  The box is also original and in excellent condition as is the Waterman instruction leaflet.

A Waterman Expert Mk.1 is quite a rare pen and a mint, boxed example comes along very infrequently.