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Waterman Genleman in Sterling Silver, immaculate new old stock.

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The Waterman Gentleman was made between 1974 and 1983 when it was replaced, as the top of the range pen, by the Le Man 100. This solid Sterling Silver Waterman Gentleman sat at the very pinnacle.

The pen has a 'godron' finish, roughly translated as 'reeded', very apt.  The pen is totally constructed in Sterling silver, including the section, and is hallmarked as such.  The trim is 18Ct. gold filled and the nib is 18 Ct. Gold with a medium point.

The Gentleman is a cartridge/converter filler, it takes standard international cartridges and converters are readily available.

The pen is presented in the original Waterman box which is in excellent condition.

At 14 cm. capped and 16cm. in length, when the cap is posted, it is an extremely long and elegant pen.  The cap cotains a 'clutch' mechaism so that the cap clicks on to the barrel stud when posted so that the cap does not come into cotact with the barrel.  This is an important detail found on high quality pens as it prevents scratching the barrel.

The Silver Waterman Gentleman is an outrageously attractive pen with a long pedigree and a great deal of prestige.