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Waterman Ideal With Flex Nib. 1940s.

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This Waterman Ideal lever filler was produced, in Canada in the 1940s, it is a large, chunky pen with roughly the same dimensions as the English 515 and W5 models. 

The pen is constructed in a deep Burgundy coloured celluloid, it appears darker in the photographs than it is 'in the flesh'.  It has an excellent finish with a clear 'Waterman's. Made in Canada' imprint and Gold filling to the clip, cap stud, double cap rings and box lever.  The pen was known as the 'Stalwart', rather confusing in that it is quite different from the American made pen of the same name.

The box lever system uses a metal frame to support the lever and provide a solid hinge and stabilising the lever slot in the barrel.  It is an attractive and useful feature only found in high quality models. 

The pen has been fully serviced and tested.  The filling system works well, taking up a good volume of ink and the 14Ct. Gold Ideal nib writes with a medium line and a good amount of flex.  the line variation available would produce impressive results for someone with a decent 'hand'.  It is the type of nib that encourages writing with a flourish. 

As a large, attractive, high quality vintage pen with age, condition, and rarity this is clearly a collectable item but, given its writing characteristics, it could also be used and enjoyed on a regular basis.