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Waterman L2 in Red. Boxed and unused.

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The Waterman L2 is an English made pen, introduced around 1950.  This example is in mint condition and is unused.  It has the original box and filling instructions and a full chalk mark is still present on the barrel.  These marks are very fragile and would erode very rapidly as the pen is handled.

The ink sac had hardened with age so it was replaced, the old one was an original Waterman sac.

Finished in red, the pen has a Gold filled filler lever and clip with a 'globe' end stud.  There are two touching Gold filled cap bands. 

At 13.5cm. capped and 14.5cm. posted the L2 is a good sized and well balanced pen.  It is also quite light in weight, an important consideration at a time when pens were designed to be used for extended periods of writing.

The Waterman box and filling instructions are also in good condition.

The nib is 14 Ct. Gold  and is identified as a medium point in the chalk marks on the barrel.

It is not easy to find a seventy odd year old  pen in such pristine condition and this would fit well into a Waterman collection, but perhaps such an attractive and functional pen should now be put to use and shown off!