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Waterman Le Man 200.

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The Waterman Le Man 200 and 100 pens were introduced in 1983 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Waterman brand.

This example of a Le Man 200 is in perfectly mint, unused condition.  It is supplied in the original high quality box along with an unused ink converter, box of cartridges, and guarantee leaflet with card.

The pen body and cap are made from solid brass, as is the ferrule connecting the nib section to the barrel.  The body and cap are finished in Black Lacquer.  This is applied in multiple layers to give a very deep, lustrous, hard wearing shine.  The trim is 23.5 Ct. Gold filled. 

The cap is a secure 'click fit' on both ends of the barrel, one of the double bands on the barrel serves as a clutch when posting the cap.  This ensures that the cap is secure while minimising the contact between cap and barrel thus preventing scratching of the laquered surface.

The nib is clearly marked, twice, for 18Ct. Gold, '18K' and '750'.  The name 'Ideal' refers back to the 1884 name of the Waterman company, the 'Ideal Pen Company'.  The two tone effect is obtained by using a Rhodium coating over the Gold.

The pen is 14.0 cm. in length when capped and a most impressive 16.5 cm. when posted for use.  The barrel and section have an 11mm. diameter and the pen weighs 30g. when empty.

Aesthetically the pen is very pleasing, it manages to convey a distinct sense of luxury without ostentation and it certainly has a good deal of 'presence'.  The pen just feels good in the hand, it has the unmistakable but hard to define feel of a well designed and executed item of the highest quality.