Waterman Man 100 in Black.

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The Waterman Man 100, in French the 'Le Man 100', was produced in 1983 to celebrate the 100 years of Waterman products.  

At 14.4 cm. capped, a huge 17 cm. posted, and a barrel diameter of 12.6 mm. it is certainly a pen to get noticed but it is much more than that, the Man 100 simply oozes class.  This is evident in the design that harks back to the 1920s, the magnificent build quality and the materials used.

The pen body and cap are made from solid brass, as is the ferrule connecting the nib section to the barrel.  The body and cap are finished in Black Lacquer.  This is applied in multiple layers to give a very deep, lustrous, hard wearing shine.

A cartridge/converter filler, the pen is fitted with the original Waterman ink converter, the box is in excellent condition.

The nib is clearly marked, twice, for 18Ct. Gold, '18K' and '750', the two tone effect is achieved by using a Platinum mask over the Gold.  The name 'Ideal', stamped on the nib, refers back to the 1884 name of the Waterman company, the 'Ideal Pen Company'.  Two of the fins on the feed are chipped but this has no effect on the writing ability.  As expected from a pen of this quality the nib performs very well.  It produces a fine line but has just a suggestion of flex which gives enough line variation to add character to the writing.

A truly 'executive pen', the pen is extremely collectable and its future as a fountain pen classic is assured. As a large and luxurious but discreet cartridge/ converter filling fountain pen the Waterman Man 100 is about as good as it gets.