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Waterman Safety Pen No.42. c.1920.

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The first Waterman Safety pen, introduced in 1911, used a system which caused the nib to rotate as it emerged from the barrel.  A year later the mechanism was modified to prevent this rotation and imp prove smoothness of action, as in this pen. 

The term 'Safety', when applied to fountain pens referred to the extent to which the design would prevent leakage and protect the nib.  The irresistibly quirky way in which Waterman achieved these aims in their Safety Pen was hugely successful and has endeared the pen to collectors for decades.

The pen is an eyedropper, it is filled, from the nib end, with the nib extended.  When the nib is retracted a seal is formed which prevents the ink from leaking whilst it is protected inside the barrel.  Inside the cap is a 'plug' which seals against the lip of the barrel as the cap is screwed into place, offering a second leakage protection and also keeps the nib moist so it is ready for use. the nib is extended and retracted by turning the knob on the end of the barrel.

Constructed entirely in hard rubber, the pen is in truly outstanding condition in all respects.  There is none of the 'browning' often associated with hard rubber pens and the chasing is crisp and clear, as are the imprints.  The mechanism has been fully overhauled and is in good working condition. 

The Waterman 14Ct. Gold Ideal nib is a joy.  It writes with a super smooth medium line and has a very responsive flex giving good line variation.  It would produce most impressive results in the right hands.

In terms of collectability the Watermans Safety pen is up there with the best of them.  The often quoted criteria used to judge a collectable item are: age quality, rarity, condition, and ability to at least maintain value.  This pen fulfils all these criteria in abundance and also has the extra special quirkiness which elevated it to  the highest level.