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Waterman Super Master Set. Mint condition.

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The Waterman Super Master was introduced in the late 1970s as a successor to the Master model.  This all metal version is styled in a twisted fashion, similar to that found in the 'Torsade'.

Because of this, the pen does bear a similarity to the original Tordsade but it is of a much higher trim level and was significantly more expensive.  The Super Master has 23Ct. Gold trim and what I presume to be a Gold plated nib, although the base material for the nib is definitely not steel.

The fountain pen is a cartridge filler, although an ink converter is available.  The ballpoint refill has dried with age so a new one will be supplied with the set.

The set is in mint condition and is presented in the original box, along with an instruction leaflet.  The set appears to be unused.

There was a demand for long, slim pens at the time an Waterman met this by producing the super Master.  When posted the fountain pen is an impressive 16.2 cm. in length, a very slim, elegant and uncommon pen.