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Waterman W2 boxed set. Immaculate.

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The Waterman W2 is an attractive and very reliable early 1950s pen that harks back to the 'art deco' design.  Finished in black with Gold filled trim, this is a totally mint, unused set comprising a fountain pen and matching pencil.

Rather than describe the set in detail, as is usually necessary, I would simply say that it is 'as new and let the 15 photographs speak for themselves.  The complete 'chalk mark' on the pen was intended only as an aid to the retailer and was meant to be rubbed off as the set was sold.  The marks are actually wax, they are very fragile and would be removed quickly if the pen was handled.

A lever filler, the pen is 13 cm. in length capped, growing to an impressive 15.5 cm. when posted for use. The nib is a 14Ct. Gold Waterman's 2B with a medium point.

The matching pencil operates by turning the nose cone to extend and retract the lead. 

The original Waterman's presentation box is in solid condition witha luxurious, spotlessly clean interior.

The W2 is a reliable and durable pen, it was much favoured by companies employing large numbers of office workers at a time when a fountain pen was an essential tool in the workplace.  It is extremely unusual to find a boxed set in such fine condition, it was clearly not a 'company pen', perhaps an unused gift.