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Waterman's 512V. Pink Striated.

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The Waterman's 512V was one of the first pens produced, around 1948, after wartime restrctions were lifted and production was regaining pace.  This is a fully restored and tested example in the highly desirable 'Pink Striated' with Gold filled trim. 

Waterman used the letter 'V' to denote a shorter version of the pen, in this case a short 512.  The 'V' is a leftover from the American term 'vest' for a shorter pen, it is, however, a very respectable 14.2cm. in length when posted for use.

The pen has been fully restored and tested, shown just before sac trimming and reassembly. The surface is bright and carries a very crisp and clear imprint.  The gold filling on the clip, and cap ring remarkably well with a few marks on the lever and cap stud..  The 'box' lever system was reserved for the higher end pens, it was an attractive improvement on the standard lever that prevented stress and 'bulging' around the lever slit in the barrel.

A new ink sac has been fitted and the filling system works well.  The 14 Ct. gold No. 2A nib writes with a smooth, fine line. 

The 512V is not a common pen, by any means, and is now very collectable.