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Waterman's 515 in Royal Blue. c.1948.

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The Waterman's 515 was one of the first pens produced by the English branch of the company when it was established in September 1946, it was never made in America.  

The pen has been fully restored and tested and is in excellent condition throughout.  This is one of the early post-war 'unnumbered' 515s with a Candian nib, at the time there was still a strong association between the Canadian and English branches of the company. The surface is first class with a strong imprint and the Gold filling is similarly pristine.  

The pen features the Waterman's box lever system, an arrangement that includes a metal frame surrounding the lever.  This gives a solid anchor for the fulcrum and prevents strain on the plastic barrel.

The filling system works well and takes up a good volume of ink.  The 14 Ct Gold Ideal 'keyhole' nib lays down a medium line and has a most responsive flex, giving good line variation.  Any one with a decent hand would enjoy using the pen and produce impressive results.

The box is new and unbranded, it will serve well for protection and display, It's also the time of year when a box may be appreciated.

The Waterman 515 is a very large and substantial pen.  This example is particularly striking due to the conditiion and the unusual Royal Blue colour.  It is a pen with a great deal of presence.