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Waterman's Ideal no.12 eyedropper

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The Waterman's Ideal no.12 eyedropper pen was introduced in 1900 and rapidly gained a reputation as a sound investment at a time when a reliable pen was considered a necessity.  This particular model probably dates from around 1916, possibly earlier.

The pen has been fully restored and is in first class condition throughout.  It is constructed in smooth hard rubber with the original 14Ct. Gold Ideal nib.  The surface is unmarked and has a deep shine and very crisp barrel imprint.  Although hand made, the tolerances are very fine, the join between the barrel and section is very difficult to see and the threads are silky smooth.

The accommodation clip would probably have been fitted when the pen was purchased, this clip is shown in a 1908 advert for Waterman pen accessories.  It was made, in 'ferrosilver' by L. and C. Hardtmuth who, in addition to being a pencil manufacturer, were a main distributer of Waterman pens.

At 134 mm. capped and a huge 173 mm. posted, it is an extremely long, slim and elegant pen, well suited to those making the transition from dip pens to the new fangled fountain pens.

The nib, 14Ct. Gold with a heart shaped breather hole, has a good deal of flex.  It is very responsive and gives good line variation with little pressure.  a person with a decent 'hand' would enjoy this nib and produce impressive results.

The pen's condition, quality, age, and rarity clearly give it highly collectable status.  Althouugh it may be seen as a 'museum piece', in fact it actually has been just that for a number of years, it could still be pressed into service as a pen to be used for special occasions.