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Waterman's L3 in Royal Blue

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The Waterman's L3, made in England around 1950, is an upgrade to the more common L2 pen.

This example is in near mint condition and could well have been unused before I inked it for testing purposes.  It is a vibrant Blue, described as 'Royal Blue' and has a Gold filled cap band, clip, and Waterman 'globe' cap stud.

The L3 is a lever filler, the system works well and takes up a good volume of ink. The 14 Ct. gold nib is a NW 3 size, it writes with a very smooth medium line.  At 15cm. when posted for use it is a good sized and well balanced pen.

Thw Waterman's L3 is not a common pen by any means.  At around seventy years old this example is in remarkable condition, it would make an attractive and unusual vintage daily writer.