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William Hicks Dip Pen.

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This early dip pen, stamped 'W. S. Hicks, was produced before the company name change in 1890, but it is, very probably, much earlier.  The nib, though not a Hicks, is still interesting in that it has extra slots cut into the shoulders to allow for more flexibility.   A 'Hinks, Wells & Co. Devon Pen No. 2134F', it carries an embossed rose motif and is probably contemporary with the pen.

The stem is made from ebony, it is in excellent condition and contrasts well with the bright gold finish.

 The pen is stamped W. S. Hicks and appears to be made of Gold, although it is not hallmarked.  It is beautifully decorated with a sharply defined chequer board pattern and is clearly stamped

                                                              'W.S. hicks New York'

 It is a very attractive and tactile item with a long history, a true antique.