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Wyvern 202 in black. c.1950.

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The Wyvern 202 was introduced in 1950 and did not appear in the 1953 catalogue, indicating a relatively short production run.  The Wyvern company, based in Leicester, ceased pen production in 1955.

Finished in Black with Gold plated clip and cap band, the pen is in very good condition, although there is a suggestion of shrinkage to the cap.  The surface is excellent, the barrel imprint crisp and clear, and the gold plating has held up very well.

The cap is a secure 'click fit' to the section and posts securely on the end of the barrel.  The blind cap secres with seven full turns, a very useful feature, no doubt designed to minimise the risk of accidental loosening and loss of the blind cap. 

The original 14 Ct. Gold nib is almost tubular in structure and carries a clear 'Wyvern' image.  The wyvern is a mythical dragon like creature which features on the Leicester coat of arms from 1626. 

 The Wyvern box has seen better days, the lid has a missing end, but it is probably original so should be kept with the pen.

 The pen has been fully restored and tested.  It is unusual in that the section attaches to the barrel with a left hand thread and the filling system incorported a breather tube to assist filling efficiently, a feature very rarely found in button filling pens.

The filling system works well, the button is pressed and released a couple of times with a small pause between presses to allow the sac to fill.  The 14 Ct. gold nib writes with a medium line, it is firm but has a slight 'springiness' giving a softer feel than hard, firm nibs. 

At 13.4 cm. capped and 15cm. when posted for use, the Wyvern 202 is a good sized, practical vintage pen.  It would make a fine vintage daily writer.