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Wyvern 60 in Green

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The Wyvern 60 was made, in Leicester, between 1951 and 1955 when Wyvern succumbed to the pressure from the ballpoint pen and ceased trading.  It was one of the oldest British pen manufacturers.

This example has been fully restored and tested, and is in excellent condition throughout.  It has an unmarked surface with a bright finish and a clear barrel imprint.  The Gold plating has also held up well.

The filling system now works as it should, a new ink sac was fitted, and the 14 Ct. Gold nib writes with a smooth and consistent medium line.

At 13.4 cm. capped and 15.4 cm. (over 6 inches), posted it is a long and elegant pen with a solid feel.  It was manufactured from a rod rather than the injection moulded plastic process that was becoming more common at the time.  The last photographs shows the Wyvern factory at work around the time the pen was made.  Each pen was made on a lathe under the watchful eye of a supervisor while the men to the left were polishing and finishing the pens.

The nib is 14Ct. Gold and is partially hooded by the section, probably as a response to the success of the Parker 51.  It is also interesting that Wyvern dropped the 'Perfect Pen' part of the name for this pen and imprinted the barrel, simply, 'Wyvern 60'.  The name is easy to recall and the number 60 is bigger than 51. !