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Wyvern 'Combina' Fountain Pen/Pencil in Hard Rubber.

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The Wyvern Combina is a fountain pen and pencil combination pen, made in  England, around 1920.  The Wyvern company was established, in Leicester, in 1896 and also opened London premises in 1912, this is a London pen.

It is constructed in black chased hard rubber, is fully restored, and in excellent working order.  The Chasing is sharp and clear and the hard rubber has an excellent surface with a clear imprint.  

The cap is a screw fit, tightening smoothly with two and a quarter turns, and posting securely on the barrel.

A lever filler, the pen has the original 14Ct. Gold nib.  The filling system works well and the pen writes with a firm, fine line.

The pencil 'end' is also in good working condition. The lead, soft 2mm. diameter, is extended and retracted by turning the hard rubber cone, it is very well engineered.

At 15.7cm capped and a most impressive 16.7 cm. posted, the Combina is a very large and most tactile pen, with the distinctive 'warm' feel of hard rubber.

The combination type pen was reasonably popular in America into the 1930s but never really caught on in the U.K.  This early hard rubber version was only in production for a short time and appears not to have sold well.  It is a rare item and, at around a hundred years old, a significant part of english fountain pen history.