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Wyvern Prefect fountain pen

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The Wyvern Prefect, not to be confused with the Wyvern Perfect pen, was made in Leicester, England around 1948.  The Wyvern pen company could not survive the onslaught of the ballpoint and closed in 1955.

The pen is very attractively finished in a very deep Burgundy with a Gold filled clip, cap stud, cap band and filler lever.  It has been fully restored and tested and is in excellent working condition.  A new ink sac was fitted and the pen fills well, taking up a good volume of ink.

The 14 Ct. Gold nib, which bears the Wyvern gryffon logo, is a broad stub point.  It writes with a smooth broad line, the horizontal strokes are much finer due to the stub configuration.  It would suit someone with a large, bold hand.

The 'Wyvern Prefect' is far less common than the 'Perfect pen', and one in such good condition is quite difficult to come by.  The stub nib would make this a great 'signature' pen.