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Wyvern Princess Fountain Pen. c.1951

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The Wyvern Princess was made, in Leicester, around the early 1950s.  It is a small pen, probably introduced to compete with the likes of the Conway Stewart Dinkie.

This example is in unused condition, although the original box has had the ends repaired the pen itself shows no signs of use.  The pen is unmarked and the barrel imprint is very deep and clear.  The guarantee and instructions sheet is folded into the box, as it would have been when new.

The bulb filling system is about as simple as it gets, remove the barrel, immerse the nib, squeeze the sac two or three times.  There is a breather tube fitted to the feed to ensure proper filling of the ink sac.  Despite the simplicity the pen fills well and there are no moving parts and no lever to stress the plastic.

Wyvern must have had confidence in the Princess as they went to the expense of fitting a 14Ct. Gold nib, as advertised on the box.  It appears, however, that the Wyvern Princess didn't sell well as there are very few of them still around, particularly in mint condition.