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Parker 17 Restoration

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The Parker 17 is rarely dismantled, mainly because there is hardly any reason to do so.  However, as this is a very good example, in the least common colour, I decided to give it a 'nuts and bolts' treatment, and learned something in the process.  This is a 'Super 17' but the 'Standard' comes apart in exactly the same way.

I expected the hood removal to be a major issue but was pleasantly surprised when it came away relatively easily after a gentle heating with a hair drier.  The nib and feed were less obliging but reponded to soaking and gentle heat.

The nib is clearly stamped as Parker, 14Ct. Gold, along with the number 4. I think this may be a date code for 1964, the year that the hooded version of the Parker 17 was introduced.

The thing that I hadn't noticed before on the 17 is that the feed has an oblique hole drilled through the centre.  This is, presumably, to aid filling and ink supply to the nib.

Parker 17

Removing the filler sleeve involved more warming, to soften the shellac then some 'wiggling and persuading', extra care is needed to prevent breaking the plastic connector.

Reassembly was straight forward but, as with the Parker 51, lining the nib point up with the point on the hood exactly takes a few iterations.


                                               This Parker 17 Super is available here.

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