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Swan Visofil V by Mabie Todd.

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This pen is now sold but there is a very nice 'Ladies' Visofil set here.

The Swan Visofil V (Pronounced 'Vee', not 'five') was only made from 1935 until 1937, when it was replaced with the Visofil 'VT'.  It is a rare pen. The original model, this pen, featured a 'concertina' type filling system involving an open ended ink tube, a spring, a see through filler plunger, and a very long breather tube. 

The pen has been fully restored and tested.  On disassembly, it was found that the breather tube had been replaced with a shorter one so it was again replaced with one of the correct length to ensure it filled properly with the full volume of ink.  A white metal Parker 51 tube was perfect for the job.  The ink level is viewed by holding the pen, nib up, and checking the level in the filler plunger. 

The pen has a 14Ct. Gold Swan No.3 nib which writes with a very smooth fine line.  The breather hole in the nib is cleverly worked in as part of the wing on the Swan image logo.  Most Visofil 'V' pens have the smaller No.2 nib and the pen is designated V211/60, the '2' being the nib size and the '60' representing the colour, in this case Black.  Whether there was a V311/60 with a no.3 nib or this nib is a replacement I'm afraid I don't know.  It is, nevertheless, a most attractive nib and it writes very well.

The Swan Visifil V, due its short production run and the fact that it didn't sell very well is hard to find and a fully restored example in this condition comes along very rarely.